Engineering and IT for the automotive industry

The automotive industry requires today more flexible and specialised competences and skills to support the demand for novel and even faster developments.
In co-operation with our German partner jember GmbH as well as MNI Technology on Rails SL in Spain, we are able to provide a wide range of services for OEM projects aiming at efficient, connected and intelligent cars of the next generation. A particular emphasis lies on the fast growing E-mobility segment.

Uniquely combining our engineering and informatics know-how, we can service the automotive industry with their challenging developments in connectivity, e-mobility and autonomous driving even better.

The scope of our activities covers R&D applied to design and engineering work on energy saving consumption, propulsion, on-board diagnosis, simulation, autonomous driving, electronics development, integration and tests along with the method, process and project management.
Our strategy is based on the relocation of projects and responsibilities in R&D. We manage joint projects in our development centres located in Munich and Madrid.